Boundary Commission publishes records of the public hearings and written representations

The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland (BCNI) has today published the records of the public hearings which took place during the secondary consultation period, together with the written representations it received.

The Commission held its secondary consultation, which included public hearings, between 9 February 2022 and 23 March 2022. After the end of the secondary consultation period, the Commission is required to publish the records of the public hearings it has held. Alongside these, the Commission is also publishing the written representations it received.

A third consultation period is planned to take place during autumn 2022, during which written representations can be made with respect to representations made at the public hearings. Any revised proposals from the Commission will be published before the start of the third consultation period and written representations with respect to these can also be made.

Detailed information about the third consultation period, including how you can make a written representation, will be announced on the Commission’s website and social media at the appropriate time.