The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland is an independent and impartial public body. It is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in Northern Ireland on the basis of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986, as amended.

The Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020 was passed in December 2020, amending the 1986 Act and bringing the previous 2018 Review to a close without implementation. In line with that legislation, the four UK Boundary Commissions are required to undertake a new review and submit their final reports with recommendations for Parliamentary constituencies before 1st July 2023.

In order to prepare its report, the Commission will carry out a review process. This process is referred to as the 2023 Review. Public consultation is an important part of the 2023 Review. The Commission will develop and publish proposals, in accordance with the Act (as amended). The public will have opportunities to submit written and oral representations about the published proposals, as part of a structured process. The Commission will take these representations into account when preparing recommendations for the final report.

Our initial proposals are planned to be published in autumn 2021, followed by an 8-week statutory consultation period. Further information about the consultation will be published in due course.

To learn more about the 2023 Review, you can read the Guide to the Review.