The Commission


Appointments to the Commission are made under Schedule 1 of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 which specifies that the chairman of the Commission is the Speaker of the House of Commons, as is the case for the Parliamentary Boundary Commissions in England, Scotland and Wales.


The Deputy Chairman of the Commission is a judge of the High Court appointed by the Lady Chief Justice of Northern Ireland. The other two Commissioners are appointed by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland through a public appointments process. The Commission is supported in its work by a small Secretariat.

Chairman:The Speaker of the House of Commons
Deputy Chairman:The Hon Mr Justice Patrick Kinney

Ms Sarah Havlin

Ms Vilma Patterson MBE

Assessors:Ms Angela McGrath, Commissioner of Valuation for Northern Ireland
Dr Philip Wales, Registrar General for Northern Ireland
Dr Suzanne McLaughlin, Chief Survey Officer of Land & Property Services
Dr David Marshall, Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland
Secretary:Mrs Katherine Herrick