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The Boundary Commission formally announced the start of the 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies on 24 February 2016. The Commission published its Provisional Proposals for public consultation on 6th September 2016.  The consultation ended on 28th November 2016.

Information on the Provisional Proposals can be found on our 2018 Review page.

All representations received about the Provisional Proposals are published for public scrutiny for 4 weeks following the end of the public consultation period. This is most likely to take place in early September 2017.  The Commission will consider all representations received and then decide whether any amendments to the Provisional Proposals are merited. If amendments are made, the Commission will publish Revised Recommendations for public consultation. These will be uploaded onto the Commission’s website and will also be available at display points around Northern Ireland. Details of display points will be publicised in advance. There will be an 8 week consultation period on any Revised Proposals.

The Commission can incorporate any further amendments to the constituency proposals into the Final Report without further public consultation before submitting it to the Secretary of State before 1 October 2018.