2018 Review

The Commission's third and final consultation stage of the 2018 Review ended on 26th March 2018. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation.  The Commission will now consider all responses received before submitting Final Recommendations to the Secretary of State during September 2018.

The 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies started on 24 February 2016. In accordance with schedule 2 of the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, the number of Parliamentary constituencies across the UK will reduce to 600. In Northern Ireland, the decrease will be from 18 seats to 17 at the next Westminster elections, expected in 2020. This will mean redrawing the existing constituency boundaries.

The Commission is required to submit its report on final recommendations to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland no later than 1 October 2018.

Provisional Proposals

The Boundary Commission published its Provisional Proposals on 6th September 2016 for an initial consultation period of 12 weeks.  Information made available during that consultation can be found below.  A number of public hearings were also undertaken during the consultation period.  

Secondary Consultation

A Secondary Consultation was held between 5 September 2017 and 2 October 2017.  This was the public's opportunity to view and comment on the responses submitted to the Commission's Provisional Proposals for 17 Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland.  

Secondary Consultation responses

Revised Proposals

The Commission consulted on its Revised Proposals for the Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland from 30 January 2018 to 26 March 2018. This latest and final consultation sought views from the public on the Revised Proposals.

Revised Proposals Report (PDF 6 MB) – The Report sets out the revised boundaries and names of the 17 constituencies.

Constituency Map (interactive) – Allows the user to add a range of layers to an interactive map of Northern Ireland, including the Provisional and Revised constituencies, existing Parliamentary constituencies and District Council boundaries and wards.

Revised Proposals - individual constituency maps

Responses to the Revised Proposals consultation will be published at a later date.